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Beta available

PasteLink. - Anyway, what is it?

PasteLink. offers you the possibility to save links at a central point and to have worldwide access to them.

In the course of this, PasteLink. is easy to use, it's available in three languages - English, German and French - and gives you a real time data synchronisation to all active devices.

So you aren't only able to store interesting or important addresses, you can even open a link to a video, which was sent to your mobile, easily with your desktop pc - without typing a lot.

To get order and fast access to your links, you can tag your links and search fast for addresses and tags.

PasteLink. is available

for smartphones running Android.

This version of PasteLink. can be installed and used on your Android-smartphone. But keep in mind that it's not tested for a long time so e.g. there aren't many information about the compatibility to different versions of Android.

Android-Versionen with at least 4.2 should be supported. Please send me any hints concerning the compatibility to
Further information for the installation you can find after you logged in at

as webapplication.

You can open this version of PasteLink. like a normal webpage in your browser. Because of a long testing phase this is a stable version.